A Special Thanks for Art-Is-Umm Supporters


A Special Thanks for Art-Is-Umm Supporters

Hi Art-Is-Umm Supporters,

We are well into production now and you are the reason we are able to begin. Your contribution has allowed us to film the wonderful staff and children at Daytime Moon Creations, as they went through the challenges of prepping, scripting and performing in front of an audience of family and friends. Currently, we are filming at The Music Academy for Special Learners. Throughout this journey, I have been encouraged by the vast amount of people dedicated to crumbling the stereotypes of Autism.

As more families deal with the pressures inherent to special needs care our mission to find alternative methods to aid with coping and adjusting becomes more vital. This film intends to highlight the impact Art has with children on the spectrum.

We still have an extensive amount of filming to do and we ask that you continue support us via our social networks. Encourage your friends to join our networks as well. Most importantly spread the word.



Derrick Small

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