Art-Is-Umm … A Worthy Cause For Autism

Twins Teddy and Nicholas Furstman walk home after swim lessons. Photo by Derrick Small

Art-Is-Umm … A Worthy Cause For Autism


Video courtesy of Artisumm LLC

New York – One boy sits quietly in the corner of small classroom infatuated with red, yellow and blue ABC magnets, as a crowd of children laughing and playing together beckon for his attention. He looks up, but never in their direction. Another child offers a friendly gesture, but receives no response. Jonah, the boy in the corner, obsessively arranges and rearranges his toy letters over and over and over again. Few things call Jonah to escape the self-imposed confines of his corner. One strike of a piano key, Jonah comes running. One mention of paint, Jonah grabs a brush. One act resembling Jonah’s favorite character, in his case SpongeBob or Dora, earns his attention.

Jonah represents, the now, 1 in 50 school children with Autism.

Art-Is-UmmArt-Is-Umm: The Way To Heal, a cinematically spirited documentary about Art and Music’s impact on Autism, is in production NOW through JULY. Support the Autism community by being a part of the making through your contribution and by spreading the word about a noble endeavor.

According to the Center for Disease Control, Autism affects approximately 1 in 50 school children. Additionally, Autism is fast growing, but receives little funding for research. Unfortunately, there is no cure; however, early diagnosis may help in the coping process. My research conducted through interviews, observations and texts demonstrate that a major factor in the healing and coping process is often neglected, Art.

Message from the Producer, Derrick Small

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