Autism is Art intends to bring awareness to creativity’s impact on the development of children on the spectrum. The campaign is long-term and designed to take advantage of digital and print advertisement, social media promotion, blogging and video creative. D.S. Artistry intends to contribute to the Autism community each year via creative pursuits. 

Creative Brief for Autism Is Art Campaign

Target audience profile

Gender: Female

Age: 28 – 36

Income: 40,000 – 80,000

Occupation: Teacher, Therapist, Special Needs Enthusiasts

Interests: Autism, Painting, Music, Drama, Special Needs, Applied Behavioral Analysis, Occupational Therapy

Communication Objectives

Brand Awareness – Art-Is-Umm seeks to become a lead source for information about Art and its relationship to Autism.

Social Media Growth – Increasing social media audiences allows the Art-Is-Umm to deliver messages immediately and effectively.

Contribution Conversions – Donations will help the company enhance the quality of the documentary and promote to a wide audience via advertising.

Product and Features Description and Benefits

Art-Is-Umm: The Way To Heal is a documentary film that intends to engage and enlighten viewers on Art and Music’s influence on children on the spectrum. Art-Is- Umm explores the relationship between creative activities and childhood development through unobtrusive exploratory observations, performances and interviews. Essentially the goal is to tell the story of art’s impact on the autism community via spotlighting exhibitions of children on the spectrum. The film will also serve to prove the importance of Art and Music therapy and non-therapy programs being implemented in early intervention programs and throughout the life of children on the spectrum.

Unique Selling Proposition

Dealing with Autism is difficult, but Art-Is-Umm allows parents and teachers an opportunity to understand the benefits of exploring Art as an alternative to traditional therapies.


Autism the Musical is a documentary that follows a group of children with autism as they prepare to perform in a play. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2007.

Although partnerships are potential with the following organizations currently they serve as competition because of subject matter or size. Autism Speaks is a widely known organization that acts as the one stop shop for all Autism needs. Other notable competitors are Music For Autism, Art For Autism, The Art of Autism, Hearts For Autism and Autism Key.

Creativity Strategy

The campaign is scheduled to take place from March to June 2014 in hopes to capture audience during Autism Awareness Month. Seeking $5000 to help with campaign advertising, video production and social media awareness.


Following the documentaries lead the campaign intends to inspire while developing deep emotional connections that allude to the abilities of children with Autism, rather than hindrances. The primary emotions conveyed are hope and sadness.

List of Media Assets You will Produce

Three Podcasts featuring interviews from Autism professionals beginning March 1st.
Commercial Package – Radio Spot, broadcast commercials and print ads.
Producer’s Message – A video that details the producer’s reason for shooting the documentary.