Autism is Art intends to bring awareness to creativity’s impact on the development of children on the spectrum. The campaign is long-term and designed to take advantage of digital and print advertisement, social media promotion, blogging and video creative. D.S. Artistry intends to contribute to the Autism community each year via creative pursuits. 

Video News Release


#-In Time-Out Time-Shot Description
1-00:03:00-00:03:05-MW on Derrick and children
2-00:03:06-00:03:11-Jonah with Art Therapist
3-00:03:12-00:03:17-Jenna giving a lesson on drama
4-00:03:17-00:03:22-Jake discussing his character
5-00:03:22-00:03:27-After performance fun
6-00:03:28-00:03:34-Ben playing instruments
7-00:03:35-00:03:40-Ben Home School
8-00:03:41-00:03:46-Jenna removing items from the drama goodie bag
9-00:03:46-00:03:52-Dolly in on microphone
10-00:03:52-00:03:55-Music notation board
11-00:03:56-00:04:01-Steven Heinz playing scales on Piano
12-00:04:02-00:04:07-Kendall dancing interacting
13-00:04:08-00:04:13-Kendall and Jake performing together
14-00:04:14-00:04:19-Franky playing sax
15-00:04:19-00:04:23-Jake Miketta plays basketball with his father.
16-00:04:24-00:04:28-Jenna interacts with Theodore during rehearsal
17-00:04:29-00:04:35-Theodore reading one his lines.

Interview #1

Name-Derrick Small

Title-Film Producer and Director

Sound Bite #1

TRT: 00:00:11-Transcription

-Today D.S. Artistry announced the Jan 25th release date for the trailer, Art-Is-Umm: The Way To Heal.

Sound Bite #2

TRT: 00:00:16-Transcription

-The primary goal of Art-Is-Umm: The Way To Heal is to encourage art and music in the early childhood development stages. The goal here is to promote creativity and to discourage alienation.

Interview #2

Name-Jenna Gabriel

Title-Founder, Daytime Moon Creations

Sound Bite #1

TRT: 00:00:29-Transcription

-These are kids who are different. Who sometimes don’t fit in general education or on stage or when singing Johnny cash songs, but when we look at our kids they are special and they make our shows better and us as people better. Every time I look at our kids, I have to smile.

Sound Bite #2

TRT: 00:01:10-Transcription

-There’s a great push toward inquiry based-learning. There is a push towards understanding, that for all that has been mis-interpreted about Howard Gartner’s theory of multiple intelligences, there’s a push towards a return, that people think in different ways. It is really made a big impact in how we think about educating our students. The zone of development. If this is where a kid is at now this is where they can get to with a little bit of support. Let’s play within that. However, you interpret it the idea is meeting students where they are. I think eventually education will start grouping that way.

Fam pic

Talking Points

  • Our purpose is to present the value of creative therapies both from the parental and professional perspective.
  • According to CDC about 1 in 88 children and more specifically 1 in 54 boys between the ages of 3 – 21 have Autism. Over 660,000 children are diagnosed with Autism.
  • Art-Is-Umm: The Way To Heal is a documentary film that engages and enlightens viewers on Art and Music’s influence on children in the spectrum. The film will also serve to prove the importance of Art and Music Therapy programs being implemented in early child development.
  • Art-Is-Umm explores the relationship between creative activities and childhood development by looking at the way in which the brain functions and through behavioral observations.
  • We ask for contributions to enhance both the quality and reach of the film. The message of Art-Is-Umm benefits parents, teachers and educational institutions; unfortunately, many fail to reach interested audience members due to a lack in funding.
  • Although this film is more of an adventure than anything else, the documentary stands firm in the belief that the Arts are an integral part of development for those on the spectrum. Art-Is-Umm seeks to change the minds of non-believers. Rudimentary education is not enough. Art allows parents, teachers, siblings and the world to view and understand children on the spectrum from a different vantage point.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder is unique to each child. Although needs are unique encouraging creativity is more healing than promoting alienation.
  • As more families deal with the pressures inherent to special needs care our mission to find alternative methods to aid with coping and adjusting becomes more vital. This film intends to highlight the impact Art has with children on the spectrum.
  • D.S. Artistry Productions is a cinematically dark production company that integrates creativity and business in film and music. Seamlessly incorporating entrepreneurship with art, D.S.A.P. crafts opportunities that support noble causes and transcends the boundaries of ingenuity.
  • The mission is to create multi-media entrepreneurial ventures that elevate noble causes by impacting public opinion via juxtaposed cinematically dark and poetically inspiring content.