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by Derrick Small

Flying Bird

Dariea Sky dances on the Manhattan Bridge for a dance video titled Catch Me. Image by Derrick Small

Four Marines fallen, but not forgotten

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. — “We train the way we fight.” A popular mantra amongst Marines, it underscores a mentality that prepares military units and personnel for the challenges and difficult truths of war. However war is not the only time we are reminded of the military’s inherently dangerous nature. On Thursday night, four Marine veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom were killed in a UH-1N Huey helicopter crash during a routine training flight here. This “band of brothers,” a detachment from Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 169, attached to reinforced Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 166, 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit, were flying in Talega Canyon in the northwest portion of base when the crash occurred. Read More

Amtrackers take Toyota reps once around the lot

MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. — Joining a growing list of major corporations that are taking notes on the Marine Corps’ efforts to create a network that will help Marine professionals long after they leave the Corps, representatives of Toyota?s U.S. headquarters visited Camp Pendleton Jan. 29 to tour Assault Amphibian School Battalion here and discuss involvement in the Marine For Life program.

Toyota?s interest in the program, a Marine Corps-sponsored network for helping Marines transition out of the military and cultivate contacts that will help them as civilians, is rooted in the firm?s intent to hire former Marines. Read More





Vietnam-era urban warriors spy new landscape

MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. — Jungle warriors during the Vietnam War who suddenly found themselves having to fight in the city shared their experiences with local Marines last week and caught a glimpse of new technology that might have made their fight easier during the notorious battle of Hue City.

The Vietnam vets, former members of 5th Marine Regiment, visited Oct. 31 at the invitation of Marine Corps Tactical System Support Activity.

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Fallen Marines memorialized at Pendleton

MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. (March 25, 2003) — A grieving base took time Tuesday at Marine Memorial Chapel to memorialize four of its U.S. Marines – this first to die in Operation Iraqi Freedom. “We mourn the loss of our fallen brethren. Our hearts go out to the family members and friends of these Marines – please know you are in our thoughts and prayers,” said Maj. Gen. William G. Bowdon, commanding general of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. Read More

Gabrielle and LaMon Artistically Tackle Autism

Art, although vaguely confirmed by numbers, is widely respected as an alternative to traditional forms of therapy. In New York, two ladies have taken the lead in promoting art education for special needs, Jenna Gabriel and Maria LaMon.

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11th MEU Marines raid the mechanized way

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. — Three amphibian assault vehicles approach an enemy site and lay down heavy fire on an enemy target with their machine guns.  Suddenly the back hatch of each AAV drops and Marines come racing out from behind the vehicle to lay down additional firepower.  They eventually overrun the enemy, who was just “schooled” in a raid performed the mechanized way. Marines with Company B, Battalion Landing Team 1st Battalion, 4th Marines, 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit, joined forces with the BLT’s AAV platoon during a mechanized raid course at Fire Base Gloria here, Jan. 19 to 23.

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Playing Since Childhood

Soccer PSA

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