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Tiger & Siren

Original Poem – Dear Siren

Whether true or imagined I take pleasure in exploring the dangers of sea. When face to face with man-eaters – I know that I too have devoured my fair share. I have also survived my fair share of attacks from the sea’s gorgeous monsters.


So when you say I’m pretty. I don’t flinch, though, I am by my standards I’m a manly man. I accept my elegance , but you should not flinch to know that beneath my angel of a smile lives a devilish savage child.


I warn you, miss, madam, Bitch, as you prefer, I have been sitting here both inwardly and outwardly watching myself grow dormant trapped in a cage of my own making. What detains me or protects me – whichever you prefer – is a fortified invisible iron gate with a lock that remains unlocked.

Average men have a right to frighten, but I watch you with the hungry eyes of a Tiger. We should run from each other – The dangers are clear, the bones of our past are near. Warning us.


It’s widely known, we hear thunder after seeing lightning. Strangely I cannot see the light but I hear you coming – my dear Siren.


Though my potential destruction is looming, I am intrigued to follow your lead. I wonder who will devour who. Previous Battle scars are evidenced in my eyes. Obviously I am still standing here, I am the one that did not die.

Truthfully your mastery of the art has my undivided attention. Generally in my dealings I am upfront, holding back nothing – Honestly and openly proclaiming my disdain, my shortcomings, my strengths, my past, my love. You – you still hide.


I am not opposed to revealing my truth – to you, but would you reciprocate? I have so many questions. The first of which, I have no problems with. And yet, I must admit it, I still have to ask –


Dear Siren – why me?

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