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Good Afternoon Ms. Hellstern and Hiring Team,

I am excited and honored that you and the hiring team are considering me for the position. Although this is a great opportunity for me, I must emphasize that this is also a remarkable opportunity for the U.S. Department of Commerce/International Trade Administration.

My goal is to develop and implement strategies that outline the aesthetics and aspects of a public affairs’ masterpiece. Potentially over the top, potentially over reaching, but even if I do not accomplish my personal goals for the agency, I will have achieved much more than is expected.

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.” Michelangelo

I am eager to create, promote, analyze, pivot and repeat to achieve success. Public Affairs specialist must demonstrate aptitude and experience across a variety of fields. My experience encompasses design, media relations, marketing, negotiating, story-telling, multi-media content production and much more.

The information requested is displayed below. Please also take a look at my content and production portfolio. Contact me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


3 Reasons Not to Miss the Discover Global Markets Conference

The Discover Global Markets Conference is a networking and learning event designed to give business owners, looking to expand their business abroad, face time with important influencers and provides relevant information about emerging techniques and programs.


 #1 – Network, Network, Network

Meeting and developing relationships with Commercial Diplomats is the number one reason to attend a Discover Global Markets Conference. Commercial Diplomats are responsible for a range of activities that link home countries to host countries. Entering a foreign market is a daunting task for small and middle-sized businesses; however, Commercial Diplomats ease transitions with their knowledge of the host country’s market, key investors and distributors. Developing a relationship with a Commercial Diplomat allows business owners to have a direct link to important contacts, who have the ability to improve import and export efficiency.


Furthermore, the conference attracts VIPs, company presidents, global logistics and trade compliance executives, industry leaders, investors, international sales and marketing executives, distributors and more. Moreover, the conference gives business owners the opportunity to form long-lasting collaborative relationships with important business people.


#2 – Panel Discussions

Panel discussions impart relevant insights and emerging techniques to audience members. Additionally, panel discussions allow onlookers to ask and receive advice from industry veterans. What’s more beneficial than receiving information from a business owner who has successfully navigated similar terrain.


#3 – Beat Your Competition

According to Paul B. Brown, a Forbes contributor, in How To Stay One Step Ahead of the Competition, learning new strategies and emerging techniques is a key factor in overcoming the pressures of competitors.


“Being a one trick pony doesn’t do you any good when the market is tired of your trick. You always have to be learning new skills to satisfy evolving customer needs.” Brown, 2013


At the Discover Global Markets Conference, business owners will also learn about programs designed to significantly decrease wait time due to restrictions, regulations and negotiations.


Bottom line, attendees will learn about the tools that allow companies to cut time and get there first. Delivering products to customers before other companies guarantees business owners stay ahead of competitors.


A short list of programs is below; however, the knowledge and network gained from attendance is invaluable to a company’s ability to grow at home and abroad.


Export Trade Certificate of Review Program

The Certificate of Review offers antitrust preclearance on virtually any export activity, including joint negotiation with providers of export services regarding issues such as reduced shipping rates, agreements to sell together in export markets, agreements to form coalitions to avoid rivalry in export markets, coordination of export prices such as joint pricing, joint bidding on projects, and cost sharing on developing or expanding new export markets.

Platinum Key Service

Assistance may include, but is not limited to, identifying markets, launching products, developing major project opportunities and providing government tender support, helping to reduce market access barriers, and providing assistance on regulatory or technical standards matters.

Finance Programs

OPIC provides financing through direct loans and loan guarantees for medium- and long-term private investment. Loans range from $100,000 to $250 million for projects sponsored by U.S. companies, and financing can be provided on a project finance or corporate finance basis.


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Feature Story

Trade Specialist brings International Success to Tallahatchie Lumber


Charleston, Miss. – Charlie Weatherly, owner of Tallahatchie Lumber in Charleston, Miss., reduced over 90 percent of the company’s freight cost by collaborating with a U.S. Export Assistance Center in Charleston, S.C.


Tallahatchie Lumber is a hardwood sawmill business that provides lumber to manufacturing companies for flooring, furniture and more. Additionally, Tallahatchie Lumber also produces laminated 2ply and 3ply mats.


In 2012, Weatherly contacted Glenn Ferreri, a trade specialist with the Export Assistance Center and requested assistance with exporting products to Canada’s western market and Asia’s market.


Using Ferreri’s customized market research and the Small Business Administration’s grant, Weatherly invested in the U.S. Commercial Service’s International Partner Search service. The International Partner Search maximizes a company’s potential for finding valuable partners. With trade specialists in over 80 countries, the service decreases time spent searching for partners by using representatives to interview qualified candidates. Additionally, the service provides clients with a list of the top-five prospects.


Having successfully found buyers, Weatherly faced new challenges. The cost of moving products to a rail spur was expensive and created a competitive disadvantage for Tallahatchie Lumber. Once again, Weatherly called upon Ferreri, who assisted in linking the company to the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT). Connecting MDOT provided assistance that shortened driving time and reduced loading cost.


Currently, Tallahatchie Lumber employs more than 40 people, which is an increase from the six people the company employed in 2012.  Taking advantage of services and opportunities provided by the U.S. Commercial Service and other local collaborators, freight costs reduced from $75 to $5.50.


Tallahatchie Lumber’s ability to produce wooden mats has created demand. The company’s growth potential is positive as the market continues to expand.