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Dear Hiring Team,


Thank you for allowing me another chance to highlight my public affairs’ acumen.

The campaign is scheduled for 100 days and preparation begins two months before launch. Please review the information below and let me know if you have questions. I gathered facts and figures from www.sba.gov and www.trade.gov.




Derrick Small

Trade Winds – Africa

Communications Objectives

Continuously increase registrations and improve lead conversion on a weekly basis using an integrated marketing campaign. Media mentions, web page visits and lead generating programs serve as primary vehicles for measuring conversion rates against registrations.


Registration/Attendance – Final Step (Determines Success)


Create Media Buzz – Attract media, get media mentions, build awareness. Press releases and content creation are integral aspects of of building awareness and attracting media interest. Pitching stories to the media and publishing stories via digital and social mediums allows USEAC to control messages and deliver unique selling points.


Mentions = Awareness

Interviews = Selling Opportunity


Increase Event Page Visits – Driving traffic to the webpage is central to the campaigns success. A combination of traditional and online strategies will contribute to the success of Trade Winds – Africa.


A store without a customer does not make a sale.


Generate Leads – Traffic and lead generation work together; however, determining whether or not a lead is qualified often requires the collection of data. A qualified leads is defined as registrations that meet requirements or as a candidate who meets the requirements and submits a request for more information. The latter will inform this scenario.

MultiChannel Mixw

Bottom Line Objective

Using the same conversion rate for qualified lead the overall objective is to average 3.36 (3 to 4) registrations per day for 100 days.


Goal = 336 Registrations

Measurable Goals

Media Buzz

Mentions – 20
Accepted Stories – 10
Subject Matter Expert Interviews – 10

Page Visits/Reach
Reach SMEs (new to Africa exports) – 269,000
Website Traffic – 5380/day

Lead Generation

Target conversion rate –  2.5%
Qualified Leads – 134/day


SME stats

Targeting exporters who have not partnered with Africa, yet.

target audience

* Important Note * Press Kit – Developing a complete press kit is an important first step. Press kits allow organizations to work with media outlets cohesively and efficiently. While the kit is a continuously evolving entity, its initial preparation is imperative to a campaign’s launch.  Timeline: Needed ASAP



PR/Direct Outreach


  • Press Release – Every event, whether traditional or online, is preceded with informative releases to both national and local media outlets.
  • Writing/Pitching Feature Stories – Highlighting former success stories drives traffic interested in learning more about the program to the webpage.
  • Event Coordination/Participation – Attending qualifying events allows for direct networking with potential candidates for the program.

Traditional Advertising


  • Radio Spots – (1) 30 second and (1) 60 second – radio remains a dominant medium for communication and is generally more cost effective than television. Additionally, spots may be coordinated with major companies to alleviate the time burden of contacting stations individually.
  • Television PSAs – Normal television ads are expensive; therefore, using public service announcements to get similar reach benefits at minimal cost is to the governments advantage.
  • Print Ads – Niche papers and magazines hold the key to finding affordable and effective space. (Examples – Global Trade, Export USA and Trade Finance)
  • Flyers – Cost effective tool that can be distributed amongst existing network and via other opportunities such as events, speeches or during general travel.
  • Billboards – Typically expensive; however, we may capitalize on deals that result from underused boards during off peek seasons.



  • Banner Ads – While this medium is flexible, there is generally a less than 1% click through rate. Benefits of using banner ads is that google adwords can also handle the task, which allows for greater control and analysis. In this scenario, both methods are recommended; however, banner ads outside of google adwords would be negotiated as part of radio advertising package. Radio generally offers banner ads as an added bonus.
  • Google Adwords/Social Media Ads – User information collected from Twitter, Facebook and Google allow for in-depth targeting. Combining social media ads with social and website analytics allows for easy management, tracking and pivots. Minimum and maximum are set by users; therefore, cost effective.

Social Media

(Combination and Crossover)

Brand Ambassadors – Creating a tribe of dedicated promoters is a continuous effort; however, while promotion for Trade Winds – Africa is in progress is a great time to capitalize on the awareness efforts. As people become more aware of the organization and the many benefits it provides, the greater chance for recommendations and positive reviews.

  • Facebook Event Page
  • Twitter Hashtag Campaign
  • YouTube Viral Videos
  • Google Hangouts Live Online Q&A

Phase I – Creation


Develop Electronic Press kit.

  • Talking points, faqs, promotional content (flyers, images, ads, videos), list of subject matter experts, Director’s statement and

Create Content Plan

  • Frequency of release is important. Schedule all content prior to launch date.

Coordinate Events

  • Set event schedule and have most if not all elements in place.

Setup Advertising Channels

  • Schedule all radio spots,  PSA, print ads, social ads, google adwords campaigns to start constantly show throughout the duration of the campaign.

Phase II – Act, Analyze,Pivot


5-Jun: Campaign Launch/Press Releases

7-Jun: Implement Content Plan

10-Jun: Launch Promo 1

14-Jun: 1st Event (Direct or Online)

21-Jun: Continuing Content Plan

28-Jun: Analyze Audience, Impact, Conversions, make adjustments and Pivot if necessary

1-Jul: Implement adjustments – Continue Content Plan

5-Jul: 2nd Event (Direct or Online)

8-Jul: Launch Promo 2

12-Jul: Continuing Content Plan

19-Jul: Announce Culminating Event

26-Jul: Analyze Audience, Impact, Conversions, make adjustments and Pivot if necessary

1-Aug: Implement adjustments – Continue Content Plan

5-Aug: Launch Promo 3

9-Aug: Monitor Progress, adjust/pivot – Continue Content Plan

16-Aug: Monitor Progress adjust/pivot – Continue Content Plan

23-Aug: Culminating Event (Direct)

30-Aug: Monitor Progress, adjust/pivot – Continue Content Plan

6-Sep: Annouce Last call

Phase III – Review and Analyze


  • Review participant surveys
  • Prepare after action report.
  • Combine and release media from Trade Winds – Africa
  • Continue monitoring media for mentions.
  • Based on outcomes/goal completions establish changes for the upcoming year.
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